About Me

Hola! Hello!

   My name is Sharlyn, I'm also known as Shar. I'm a busy mom of 2 vivacious boys, and wife of a wonderful loving workaholic!     During school breaks, we love to travel! Whether it's an hour away or more, we like to pack and go!  I especially like road trips...preferably less than 6 hours for my sanity's sake!  There's something about taking the scenic route on a road trip that calms me.

    When my husband and I retire, we plan on buying an RV and go  touring the USA! We are such foodies and enjoy trying food from different states. We also like trying food from different cultures.  My favorite type of food is Asian food, especially Thai and Vietnamese. Just the thought of it makes my mouth water! For this reason, I plan on touring different parts of Asia with my husband while enjoying the retired life. 

    We have a ways to go, so until then our travels consist mostly of family themed trips. We have made it a tradition to not tell our kids about our exciting journey until the day of! That way it's a surprise and super exciting for them! It's also super exciting for us giving them clues and making them guess where is our destination! 

      During my down time I like to virtually explore places to add to my travel bucket list, while drinking a glass of red wine of course!

        Being in the travel industry has not only broadened my horizon, but it has also allowed me to share my experiences with people. I've been able to share this journey with others and some have joined me on this wonderful opportunity of enhancing their lives. I am so delighted to be a part of this beautiful industry!